Mediaset España

Mediaset España is a leading audiovisual company in Spain and one of the most prestigious in Europe. It comprises a family of leading channels in terms of audience share with a wide range of targets including Telecinco, the most watched television channel; Cuatro, aimed at a young, urban audience; Factoría de Ficción, the leader in themed channels for viewers aged over 4; Boing, the most watched commercial channel for children; Divinity, the leading themed channel for women.

Mediaset España has also Energy channel, aimed at a young, male audience and Be Mad, the first HD factual programming channel on national free-to-air television. We also established ourselves as the no.1 audio-visual company regarding views of digital videos. Its main platforms,,,, the content platform, and the video channel Mtmad, amongst others, have rocketed for the second year in a row to the first position, by streaming more than one thousand million videos in 2016.






Mediaset España is a leading audiovisual company in Spain with many fields of focus.

Latest news

El beneficio de Mediaset España sube a 125,7 millones hasta junio


Mediaset España ha revalidado su liderazgo entre las compañías de medios más rentables de Europa en los seis primeros meses de 2017, mejorando sus márgenes operativos y su beneficio neto (125,7 millones de euros) con los valores más altos desde 2008.

Mediaset España revalida el título de grupo audiovisual líder en consumo de vídeo online


Mediaset España ha revalidado en agosto su liderazgo en consumo de vídeo online y se ha situado como el grupo audiovisual de referencia con casi 117 millones de vídeos consumidos en el cómputo de PC más dispositivos móviles.


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